Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Friends Forever

Recently I had a very vivid dream of an old friend and I. In the dream we were laughing hysterically, just as we always did in the past. We have been out of touch the last few years, my fault. There is no valid reason why, it just happened. Life has a way, sometimes, of getting in the way of living! This shouldn't be so, but it happens.

My dream was so real that I immediately got up and found her phone number. As always, one would not have known that so much time had gone by. For, as always, she was just my friend, my sister, the woman I shared so much of my adult life with. We met many years ago when I was trying to make ends meet. She had a business and she hired me. The friendship was instant. We were both single mothers with 1 child.

Every Sunday we would take our children out to the most fabulous restaurants...they would have preferred McDonald's. Our desire was to treat ourselves and, hopefully, the kids. It never seemed to work that way. The treat was for us. At that time in our lives, it was important. Our friendship grew to one that was more like sisters who truly loved each other.

At various times in the years that we have known one another I have disappeared from our friendship. If one were to ask me why, I honestly couldn't tell you. It just happened. The wonderful attribute of my friend, sister, Renee is that she always forgave me and our friendship just picked up where it left off.

There is a saying, "friends for a reason, friends for a season, friends forever". Renee is a Forever Friend. I hope I never again forget that. She is loving, fun and most of all constant. Would it were that we were all that way. As for me, I'll never go away again because she enriches my life in a way that is truly indescribable! Just thinking about her brings a flood of so many memories, so much fun that I am so grateful that she is always there when I call.

Hopefully you will all have a friend like this "forever friend".

Grateful to have her in my life,


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