Sunday, March 23, 2008

Easter Sunday

Anyone who knows me, knows I'm Jewish. My husband however was born Catholic. For the 1st time, his sister Phyllis, stayed here in Florida and made Easter dinner. She did this, I believe, because she and her brother are not getting any younger. (Of course, who is?) Jimmy is 83, Phyllis is 76.

They have good genes, neither look their age. But they are acutely aware of it. Therefore holidays, family time, become more important. Phyllis knows Jimmy will not go up to Boston for Easter or Christmas anymore, so, she decided to stay here a little longer than usual and make Easter. It was wonderful for the siblings to be together this year. One could see how much it meant to Phyllis to be able to share the holiday with her brother and I'm happy that we did it for her.

Jimmy is so over his Catholic upbringing, that he had become agnostic, that is until he met me and my Jewishness. He is amazing, not only does he help me get ready for every holiday (I cook and bake everything), but he goes to Temple with me, because it means so much to me. Amazingly, it now means a great deal to him and he misses it when we miss a Friday night service.

But for today, he was a Catholic again. You know what, it was ok! He had a wonderful time eating the foods that his mother used to make...even if some of them were ordered from an Italian store in Hollywood. (Florida that is.) One could see the joy in his face as he ate the delicacies his adorable Italian mother made.

He does so many things for me, this was the least I could do for him...even if it meant missing the Purim celebration at Temple. I know that G-d understands. I know that G-d said "go with your husband to his sister's...who knows when they will be able to do this again"!

It has been a week of extreme emotions for me. Sadness at the loss of a friend and joy at watching my husband! However, I believe this is what makes life the extraordinary journey it is. The movement of one day to another...the joys and sorrows, the bitter, the sweet. How lucky we are to be able to feel these wonderful this journey is. Every day we get to write a new chapter in the story of our life. Make each day count, we don't know how many we are going to get!

Enjoying each day,

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