Tuesday, January 20, 2009

A New Day

A "New Day" has dawned in America. There is a spirit of patriotism in our country that I haven't felt since I was a teen ager. The inauguration of JFK provided this type of hope that we are seeing in every corner of America. Once again, the promise of the future is before us.

This President brings into the Whitehouse the hope of every black American. However, he also brings the hope of every white American, every Latino, every Asian...every ethnic group as well as anyone who are not "mainstream" Americans. Barack Hussein Obama brings a sense of hope unlike anything I have felt since I was 16 years old.

How lucky I am to have lived to see this day. How lucky this country is to be rid of the ineptitude of the Bush-Cheney years. The last 8 years have been so self serving to those people President Bush liked to call his "base". We see where that has gotten us. Anyone who believes we are not in a depression hasn't been looking for a job.

The state of Nevada is #1 in Foreclosures. The state I live in, Florida, is #2 in Foreclosures. This hasn't happened by accident. The greed and selfishness that took over this country is astonishing. I know that fruit rots from the top down. The same thing happens with companies and countries. We have had a "rotten" administration fraught with greed and avarice and it was spread far and wide.

Today is a "NEW DAY". We have finally been smart enough to elect a brilliant man who believes we are all personally responsible for what we do with our lives. He believes that in America anything is possible. He thinks before he speaks. He truly believes in the American dream. What a pity that Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. isn't here for this day! How lucky are those who fought for the right of a person to be judged by their character and not the color of their skin to be alive today, to witness this auspicious day in history.

Today is a "NEW DAY". Filled with hope and promise for the future. Filled with promise for those less fortunate who live in the ghetto's of our country. Filled with promise for Gays who just want the same rights that straights have. Filled with promise for those suffering from incurable diseases. Filled with the promise of a future that begins with a man who believes that anyone can achieve anything they want if they persevere.

How lucky I am to have lived to see this "NEW DAY". God Bless you Mr. President. God Bless your family and may you achieve all your hopes and dreams and God Bless America and all who live here. We are, indeed, very excited about your future and ours.

Looking to the future,