Saturday, September 27, 2008

Love Is Never Wasted

I can remember my 1st love, that 1st kiss, as if it were yesterday. It makes you tingle all the way to your toes. Then there is the lost love or the love that should have been but you either weren't ready or you just didn't have the staying power. For those of us damaged folk, generally, the ones we chose were for all the wrong reasons.

However, somewhere in your heart is the one love! The one love that all you have to do is think about and your toes curl. You know the one I'm talking about...we've all had a love like that. That one person you can never forget, that in your darkest moment you conjure up and you're right back there...that day or night...and you remember their touch, the way their lips felt on yours, the way you melted into each other. That's the feeling that we all wish we had every day.

Alas, that kind of love doesn't always last. It's usually to hot to not burn out...but the memories are electrifying. There is also another kind of love...the one you didn't meet until it was too late! Either one or both of you were in a relationship and you are not the kind that strays. Those are the "if only" loves.

If only we had met at a different time, if only my situation weren't what it is, if only...Do you believe in Kismet? I do, it's just that sometimes Kismet (destiny) is too late and the one you should have been with, came along at the wrong time. The right person, the wrong time. What's amazing though, is even though the timing isn't right, just hearing their voice feels like a touch. Hearing their voice takes you to a different of "what might have beens".

This kind of love that reminds us who we are. That we are each unique and special and that perhaps SOMEDAY will come.

Waiting for someday,