Wednesday, November 28, 2007

New Friends

A couple of weeks ago I received an e-mail from an e-mail address I did not know. I wrote and asked "who are u"? "How did you get my e-mail address"? The response I got was "I don't know how I got your address". So we played a little "Jewish Geography". No connection but obviously we were meant to meet one another.

She is an extraordinary woman. Stacy is involved in so many community projects and not just from the sidelines, but right in the middle of the huddle. I believe G-d meant for her to come into my life to get me more involved in important community projects.

We are going to meet face to face this coming Monday and I am so excited. For without ever meeting her, she has become someone very important to me. Someone who has already blessed my life with her presence. For many years I worked full time so I didn't get too involved in anything other than Opera. I was a docent for Lyric Opera of Chicago for many years. I would go to the various chapters and talk about the operas of the upcoming season. Additionally, the night of performances restaurants that offered a package (dinner, lecture and bus to the Opera house) would have me come to give that evenings' lecture.

But my joy was "Opera In The Classroom". We would go into classes from 2nd to 6th grade once a week for 4 weeks and teach the children about the different vocal ranges, the vocabulary of opera, tell them the story of an Opera and the last week, we would bring costumes and the children would pantomime to the musical excerpts that they had heard the previous week while the story of the Opera was told. It was a very special time in my life.

Once again, I have to opportunity to get involved in something and hopefully bring some joy into other peoples lives by just being there. Most people don't realize that when you give of yourself, you receive blessings ten-fold back. I believe that Stacy has come into my life to help me give of myself and somehow bring joy and happiness to others.

Thank you the G-d of "no coincidences" for bringing me Stacy. Even though we only know one another through e-mail right now, I just know we are going to be friends forever. It is extraordinary how blessings work...just like miracles they are around us all day. every day. All we have to do is look for them.

Truly blessed,

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