Monday, December 18, 2006

Learning To Love Ourselves

I see it has been more than one month since I've written anything. I received an e-mail from someone who read my blog. She, too, has been in an abusive relationship. Good for her that she has escaped! It truly is an escape because the abuser is so conniving and constricting and controlling.

My heart aches for her because she is alone in a new city and has no one to reach out to her. So somehow she was lead to my blog and reached out to me. I hope I hear from her again, there are so many things I can tell her. The more she reaches out to people, even strangers, the less she will think about her abuser.

I suggested she try a woman's shelter. Not only for counseling but for volunteer work because as we give of ourselves we find so much inside that we didn't even know we possessed. It is important to remember that "God made us and God doesn't make junk", that is if you believe in a higher power. If you don't then it is enough to believe that we all deserve to be treated well and if someone doesn't treat us well, shame on them.

They are the ones with a problem and we need to remember our worth and that no one, NO ONE, may ever treat us badly. If people in our lives are negative...get rid of them. Only keep the people around who treat you kindly and with love. It is amazing when one starts to think more of oneself, how many wonderful people are drawn to us.

So keep thinking good thoughts about yourself. Put into the universe what you want to come back to you and, surprisingly, it will. In a season when no one wants to be alone there are places to go and volunteer your time and you will find that not only are you not alone, but you will find a happiness and peace within yourself that you didn't know existed. Remember we are only alone if we allow ourselves to be. There are so many people who need comfort and help at this time of year...give of yourself and you will fill your soul with magic.


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